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This is heart-wrenching for me to hear, but at the same time I am glad that somebody who has acquired a certain clout in the industry is now speaking openly about the austerity of this issue.

It seems there are a generation of young girls (and boys) who have been left to suffer in silence for a lack of public outcry on an issue that has been comfortably embraced worldwide.

The belief in hundreds and thousands of ethnic groups all over the world, including black, Asian, and Hispanic, that dark skin is inferior to light skin.

Colourism has its roots embedded deeply in the history of colonisation.

LOW SELF-ESTEEM: 12 Years A Slave actress Lupita Nyong'o has spoken openly about her struggles growing up as a dark-skinned child Children are taught from an early age that all 'greatness' emanates from European or Western civilisation.

All the great thinkers, philosophisers, writers and poets hailed from France to Germany, from Shakespeare to Freud to Nietzsche.

Although archaic and hugely fascist, this social pyramid inspired the frameworks of society as we know it today.

Countries such as India still utilise casting systems which pit the 'fairer-skinned' people as higher casts and associate them with beauty and intelligence - as seen in every Bollywood movie.

During the 18th and 19th century enslavement period, black female slaves were raped by their masters, producing mixed-race, light skin children.

Although they were not provided the luxurious lifestyle of full 'white breeds', this shade of children were pitted above their dark skinned-relatives, who were quarantined in field labour, while the light-skinned slaves were promoted to house slaves.

It is shocking that people are not aware that black history did not begin with slavery.

So if young children are taught that the history of their ancestors came from something so volatile and ferociously negative, logic permits them to aspire far from it.

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