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Type Script is a statically typed language which is a superset of Java Script.Being statically typed means that once we write our program it needs to go through a phase of compilation.├── ├── ├── └── node_modules └── @types ├── jquery │ ├── │ │── │ └── index.└── core-js ├── │── └── index.?The ambient type definitions in Type Script cannot be namespaced. Type Script compiles to Java Script, which is great.This means that once the Type Script code has been compiled it can communicate with code written in Java Script but how to use j Query within our Type Script code?This is a great benefit since we are able to get compile-time errors and Intelli Sense during development!

When possible, Type Script tries to match syntax and semantics to proposals for ECMAScript 6.On the other hand, in case we use dynamic typing with Java Script, we may not find all the errors that we have made.The code of the dynamically typed languages is harder (even impossible in most cases) for advanced static code analysis so it is quite likely to not find the possible issue in our code base even after we deploy it to production.During this phase the compiler performs type checking in order to verify correctness to some extent. Compile-time errors are easy to handle by developers because they are based on a static code analysis performed over their code.This means that the compiler is able to notify the developers about eventual mistakes before the code reaches the users.

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