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Video Un-Obamaed: Where freedom of thought remains 111.

satin or silk panties on CD's, TV's or ladies and hose 218. Fern now knows a secret that shouldn't have been told. Courtney assures the crew that Fern will become the missing link in the "Flawless Four". She's bound to let the newly given makeover get blown out of proportion. Courtney, Marcie, and Fern (now Vylette) are on their own. Upon it's release, Jawbreaker was met with negative reception because of it's dim-witted cast and copycat like plot.They give Fern an amazing makeover, which she quickly takes to her head. In the meantime, Courtney rejects Julie because of her wanting to do the right thing, and not take Fern for granted. While it does sample from other movies, like stated above, it finds ways to be unique and clever.The principal gives Courtney the homework, which she forgets, and another student named Fern Mayo (Judy Greer), a nerdy bookworm, is sent with Liz's homework.Fern absolutely adores Liz and her beauty, so upon arriving to Fern's house and entering, she finds the girls trying to cover up Liz's corpse with a faulty rape story.

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