Ipod shuffle play count not updating

I just hope they never make a 10gb Shuffle, or at least not until I've learnt how to do this properly...set the File to open for access file "Shuffle Playlist" with write permission set cd to (get current date) try repeat set the Data to read the File as list set db ID to item 1 of the Data set pc to item 2 of the Data set nm to item 3 of the Data tell application "i Tunes" set thetrack to some track of playlist 1 whose database ID is db ID set the Artist to the artist of thetrack set the Play Count to the played count of thetrack if the Play Count is greater than pc then display dialog nm & " - " & the Artist & " (was " & pc & " - now " & the Play Count & ")" buttons ("OK") default button 1 set played date of thetrack to cd end if end tell end repeat on error close access the File display dialog "Done" buttons ("OK") default button 1 end try Looks good! I dont really have any suggestions as im not much good with apple script, so cant help there!For me, I do have some of the typical smart playlists, tracking music by the year they were created (i.e.

Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. My two i Pod strategy is entirely justified by the fact that the shuffle prompts me to re-explore the dark and dingy corners of my music collection.

Anyone that is saying "but you can create the same kind of playlist on your main i Pod" might as well stop because I have my fingers in my ears.

The big problem with my justification is that without a Last Played timestamp, finding those gems that were re-discovered on a bus is tricky.

i Tunes features two types of playlists, the first being the standard bucket-like playlist, where you can drag and drop tunes to your heart’s content, and the second, smart playlists which fill with songs based on criteria you choose, whether they be by genre, artist, song length, or any other criteria.

With so many options to choose from, the opportunities are seemingly limitless.

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