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"A way to remain under the radar of orthodoxy."Like other unmarried couples, Nina and Ahmad declined to give their last names. Living together, though illegal, is "more humane" than a rushed marriage, she said. They don't "stick their noses" into her affairs, she explained."When you earn your living and …are an independent woman, nobody should dare to ask you about marriage," said Nina, 28.I have met no women older than fifty who want to go back to Iran, but I spoke with many men who longed for home.A Beverly Hills schoolteacher told me that her father, a wealthy insurance agent with an elegant condominium in Brentwood, dreams of spending his final days in a shack on the Caspian Sea.Several petitions are circulating to have “Shahs of Sunset” taken off the air.Critics have also been less than taken with the series.The case against Jason Rezaian, the Post’s Tehran bureau chief, is in the hands of the Revolutionary Court, reported the Islamic Republic... Mc Donnell)There are no official estimates on the number of unmarried couples cohabiting in Iran, where those who engage in sex, dating or even hand holding out of wedlock find themselves on the wrong side of the law.But officials such as Siyavash Shahrivar, deputy governor of greater Tehran, say that "white marriages" are on the increase.

Their American neighbors often see them as flashy and loud; other expatriate Iranians tend to regard them as caricatures—former royal ministers and other “Shahi” types who fled the revolution with bags of jewels, leaving their Tehran mansions and Caspian Sea villas in the care of servants.

Their wives shop for designer clothes on Rodeo Drive; their children grow up to be, or to marry, doctors.

Bahrampour, who moved to the United States from Iran with her family in 1979, gives a more nuanced portrait of Southern California’s Persian-Americans than is on offer in the Bravo series.

Talks over Iran’s nuclear program are bogging down because Tehran’s negotiators are reluctant to put in writing previous concessions that may be deeply unpopular at home, current and former diplomats said Tuesday.

With the negotiations’ June 30 deadline about a month away, the Iranian team is balking...

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