Updating a sar

The easiest way to submit a SAR is with the SAR Online system.

SAR Online provides an instant acknowledgement and reference number (manual reporting doesn’t).

(The SAR Activity Review, Issue 1, October 2000, page 27).

An update provides a detailed account of the suspicious activity that has occurred since the last SAR.

It will also be processed more quickly by the NCA (particularly if consent is sought).

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will display in the upper right-hand corner of your SAR.Top When you get your SAR, review it carefully to make sure it’s correct and complete.The school(s) you listed on your FAFSA form will use your information to determine your eligibility for federal—and possibly nonfederal—financial aid.It may be appropriate to cross-reference any previously filed SAR in the narrative.See The SAR Activity Review, Issue 8, April 2005, beginning on page 29 (particularly pages 31 – 33).

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